Young Entrepreneurs Private Facebook Group Rules


Welcome! This is our invite-only private community for Reliable Education (“RE”) Young Entrepreneur Academy students.

All Facebook participants in this private community must be aged 18 years or over (that is, a parent or guardian must use their own Facebook account while facilitating the starter program for their nominated minor in their care). Under no circumstances should
a minor attempt to utilise their own Facebook account in this community, or use their guardians Facebook account. The parent/guardian can comment and post on the Young Entrepreneur’s behalf.


Be Kind
Be Positive
Be Respectful

**IMPORTANT – this is a place to learn, connect and share successes**

Do not do any of the following things or posts. Such actions will result in content being removed by the RE group moderators if they appear:

  • Adding Friends/Family to the group
  • External websites or articles
  • ‘PM’ me’s
  • Social meet-ups/events not endorsed by RE
  • Breakaway groups (Alternative Facebook group where you are invited/invite members of our community).
  • ‘Looking for recommendations’
  • Academy technical queries
  • Rants
  • Adam tags wanting his response
  • ‘Following’ comments – turn post notifications on instead
  • Questions that outsource your brain (Use Google, Academy, Search Bar etc first)
  • Negative comments that don’t help the community
  • Self/business promotion of any nature (including uploading of photographs)
  • Comments like – ‘admin, please delete if not appropriate’. If you’re not sure about posting please email support first.
  • Spam
  • Religious or political references
  • Negative or self-deprecating comments
  • Daily Personal activities or medical history
  • Inspirational memes, thought of the day, etc – this is “noise pollution” and it clogs up the wall.

In your capacity as guardian for the child in your care or on your own accord if you are an adult participating in the Young Entrepreneurs Academy, it’s your absolute responsibility to ensure that any post / comment complies with all relevant laws and
regulations and your participation in this private community complies at all times with Facebook’s Terms of Service and policies which can be referenced in the following link:

If your post/question/comment does not add value or is unrelated to the Young Entrepreneurs course it will be deleted. Our team of moderators will not enter into a discussion why, the reason will be as a consequence of our comments above, or otherwise at our absolute discretion for the sake of the community.

Anyone violating the rules may be removed without warning & a permanent ban may be considered by the group’s moderators. This is not something RE likes to enforce, however we are VERY protective of our community. Again, our discretion is absolute
and any suspension or ban will not result in any refunds under any circumstances.

We remind you that you have agreed to the following terms when enrolling in the YEA and requesting to participate in the private Facebook community:

When you (along with the child in your care) participate in this private Facebook community moderated by RE you agree to be a safe, responsible and ethical user at all times by:

  • Supervising the child in your care at all times, ensuring that your child participates with you using your Facebook account and abides by the following rules, the Terms of Service and policies of Facebook
  • Respecting others and communicating with them in a supportive manner;
  • Never participating in online bullying (e.g. forwarding messages and supporting others in harmful, inappropriate or hurtful online behaviours);
  • Protecting privacy by not giving out personal details (parents/guardian or the child), including full name, telephone number, address, passwords and images;
  • Protecting the privacy of others by never posting or forwarding their personal details or images without their consent;
  • Talking to RE immediately if I personally feel uncomfortable or unsafe online, or if I see others participating in unsafe, inappropriate or hurtful online behavior;
  • Thinking carefully about the content I upload or post online, knowing that this is a personal reflection of who I am and can influence what people think of me;
  • Reviewing the terms and conditions of use for any digital or online tool associated with the Young Entrepreneur Academy (e.g. age restrictions, parental consent requirements), and if my understanding is unclear seeking further explanation from RE;
  • Meeting the stated terms and conditions for any digital or online tool, and completing the required registration processes;
  • Abiding by copyright and intellectual property regulations;
  • Not interfering with network systems and security or the data of another Young Entrepreneur or their adult guardian;
  • Not attempting to log into the RE site or network with a user-name or password of another Young Entrepreneur Academy participant or their adult guardian.) Not
    attempting to log into the RE site or network with a user-name or password of another Young Entrepreneur Academy participant or their adult guardian


    Firstly, browse the wall and take time to familiarize yourself with the new ‘Unit’s tab on the left hand side of the group. This tab will take you to the Starter Program as a learning system so you will see the lessons each week added to the unit for the week. If we have other resources to share they will be added there. Remember that the Live lessons will take place at 7pm (Brisbane time) each monday for 12 weeks starting on Monday 25th May.


    It’s important to have the right people around you & it’s not often that you can access a curated global community of like-minded parents and Young Entrepreneurs. This “collective mind” has enormous power if you use it wisely.

    Please be respectful toward other members’ time by not asking questions that have already been answered. The quickest way to do this is to use the search function.

    Our members are supportive but you get out of it what you put in. Remember, you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. The calibre & commitment of
    our students is extraordinary.

    By participating beyond this point, you are bound by our general Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to these terms, please remove yourself from the group immediately.

    We are committed to providing the Worlds Best Entrepreneurial Courses & are dedicated to helping good people do great things in their lives

    Here’s to your Young Entrepreneurs success!

    Adam, Joe, & the Reliable Team

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