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VIP Bonus #1

A Ticket To Our In-Person Product Mastery Training Day! $997USD Value!

The first VIP upgrade is a ticket to one of our fully catered Product Mastery training days! Hosted by myself and our top Amazon coaches, these days are dedicated to sharing our proven, replicable strategies for identifying and launching winning products on Amazon, every time.

We go deep during these in-person sessions and provide LOTS of practical, real-life examples, so you’ll walk out of the day confident that you know how to choose great products that will make you money
on Amazon.

Live Event

What You’ll Experience…

  • Practical learning based on showing actual Amazon products, listings, and niches as well as the numbers
    behind them
  • A hands-on workshop environment with lots of opportunities for questions
  • Meet and mingle with some of our most successful students and Amazon coaches
  • In-person contact with your RE tribe

The days are fully catered and provide an incredible opportunity to network with like-minded Amazon go-getters and ignite that fire in your belly! For those of you outside of Queensland, we also have Sydney, Melbourne and Perth events planned for Q1 of 2022.

Check out the video below for a sneak peek of what you can expect at your own Product Mastery training!

One on One Coaching

VIP Bonus #2

Over $2,500 Worth Of FREE Services From Vetted Service Providers That Will Save You Time And Make You Money! $2,632USD Value.

A lot goes into starting a business and launching products, and you’re probably going to need help from industry experts along the way. 

We’ve spent years working with specialist Amazon service providers, and something we’ve learned is not all ‘experts’ are equal. 

Rather than you spending hours sifting through your options, and wasting your money on the wrong providers, we’ve collated over $2,500USD worth of free consulting advice and other essential Amazon services – from the experts we know and trust to assist you with the key elements of building your successful Amazon brand.

  • Using the right keywords and optimising your listings is the way to ensure you’re front and centre on search pages. But it’s not necessarily an easy task to undertake yourself.

That’s where this Florida-based agency, specialising in keyword analytics optimisation and SEO comes in. 

They’ll do the heavy lifting for you, and analyse every piece of your copy content from listing headlines to bullet points, to make sure you’re using every possible keyword to get your products found by customers on Amazon. $747 value

  • We’ve worked with a lot of lawyers over the years and know the importance of having someone you can trust on your side! Especially when you’re just starting out. 

If you’ve got a great product, you’re going to want to protect it and make sure no one else can rip it off! This means getting your product patented. And for that you’ll need a reliable patent attorney. 

This voucher gives you a free 45-minute one-on-one consultation with Eric, an incredible US patent attorney, so you can get your very first product patented and protected. This voucher gives you $100 off Eric’s time, as well as $300 off the patent application process. 

That’s $400USD you’ll save upfront – but in the longterm it could be worth thousands by preventing competitors from stealing your product – and your sales! $400 value 

  • Great product photography is essential to grabbing the attention of your customers and securing a sale. Your pictures need to stand out amidst competitors and cast your product in the best possible light (literally!). 

As one of the most experienced Amazon product photographers in the business, Fran is in hot-demand and is our student’s most sought-after photographer. 

Working with Fran will level up the look of your products – and your brand – giving you an edge over your competition. Buy one of her incredible photography packages and this voucher will give you a $500 discount! 
$500 value 

  • To write a listing that converts into sales is a skill – and it’s not one everyone possesses. A listing that doesn’t convert is a listing that is costing you time and money.

As a new business owner you’ll be learning new skills left right and centre, but you don’t want to leave your listing content to chance.

This voucher enables your very first listing to be audited by Emma, a renowned copywriter with a purely sales focus, ensuring your content is crafted to convert! $200 value

  • During the webinar we revealed incredible software that allows you to research the actual sales values of real products and your real competitors. This is a total game-changer when it comes to choosing products to launch on Amazon, and is used widely by Amazon sellers across the globe. 

Imagine trying to launch a successful Amazon business without this kind of insight. You’d be at an instant disadvantage.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with this innovative company to provide you with an awesome discount and free bonuses on your monthly subscription of this essential software. $438 value  (not to mention all the time you’ll save researching!)

  • Stellar customer service is a MUST, especially when starting out. You need to build your brand’s reputation and get those glowing customers reviews, but dealing with customer queries, returns and refund requests can be time-consuming and a little overwhelming at the start.

Get your customer service sorted with a 2 month free trial with an expert Amazon customer service agencyThe first three months of being live on Amazon are crucial to your success, and this proactive, responsive team can manage everything from customer questions, to product replacements and refunds – so you have more time to focus on building your business! $347 value

When selling online one of the most important steps is to make sure your products can be found by customers. You can have the best product but if no one sees it, you won’t make any sales

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