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VIP Bonus #1

2 Tickets To Our In-Person Product Mastery Training Day! ($997USD each!) $1,994 Value!

The first VIP upgrade is TWO tickets to one of our fully catered Product Mastery training days! Hosted by myself and our top Amazon coaches, these days are dedicated to sharing our proven, replicable strategies for identifying and launching winning products on Amazon, every time.

We go deep during these in-person sessions and provide LOTS of practical, real-life examples, so you’ll walk out of the day confident that you know how to choose great products that will make you money
on Amazon.

Live Event

What You’ll Experience…

  • Practical learning based on showing actual Amazon products, listings, and niches as well as the numbers
    behind them
  • A hands-on workshop environment with lots of opportunities for questions
  • Meet and mingle with some of our most successful students and Amazon coaches
  • In-person contact with your RE tribe

The days are fully catered and provide an incredible opportunity to network with like-minded Amazon go-getters and ignite that fire in your belly! For those of you outside of Queensland, we also have Sydney, Melbourne and Perth events planned for Q1 of 2022.

Check out the video below for a sneak peek of what you can expect at your own Product Mastery training!

One on One Coaching

VIP Bonus #2

1:1 Coaching Call With A Top
Amazon Trainer! $227USD Value!

When starting an Amazon business it’s inevitable that you’ll come up against some roadblocks. As a first-time seller, these could be make or break moments for you and your business.

That’s why we’re offering a 1:1 coaching call with one of our expert Amazon coaches that you can use at any time.

These are real people who have been where you are now and gone on to generate between $25k-$200k/month on Amazon.

You’ll experience 60-minutes of their undivided attention, and receive tailored advice on a subject of your choosing.

    • Maybe you have three great ideas for a product but you’re unsure which to go with
    • Maybe your listings aren’t converting and you need help reviewing your content
    • Maybe you’re starting an ad campaign and you want to check if it’s set up right

    Whatever your pain point, our coaches will understand, and can help you turn your potential breakdown into
    a break

    Tailored guidance like this is usually reserved for our private coaching clients, and it really does make a
    huge difference.

    In fact, it’s why our private clients account for 73% of all students who surpass $100k/month in Amazon sales – they use the coaches along their way.

    Our coaching is that effective, and this call will be your lifeline in your moment of need.

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    Usually $2,221USD, You’ll Get ALL this FOR JUST $379USD!!


    $32USD A Month For 12 Months

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