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Module 1 – The Beginning

32 lessons aimed at getting you into the right mindset to succeeded, and also delving into some of the common terms used in the course, and how to achieve more with less stress.

Watch out for two recently added lessons with real students sharing their results and how they’re crushing right now.

Module 2 – The Setup

This is one of the most important modules, because it gives you the foundations to succeed. Anyone that’s setting up a new business should know their financials, how to track their success and what are the overheads. 

We go into depth on how to move your money around the world into and out of different currencies

Module 3 – Product Research

27 lessons deep diving into how to use data analysis tools to find and evaluate the product that you’re going sell.

Three new lessons added last month going into the new features of the data analysis tool that we use to anlayse products.

Module 4 – Product Ideas

“How do you come up with product ideas?”, that’s a question that we hear a lot. Well, in these 14 lessons, we’re going to show you how to find inspiration if there isn’t any coming naturally. 

We’ll also talk about other important points to consider when choosing a product, like duties and tariffs.

Module 5 – Manufacture & Importing

Once you’ve found your product, you’ve got to get it made. We bring in expert to talk you through how and where to source your manufacturer. As well as what to watch out for when dealing with manufacturers. 

Make sure you watch the lesson on patents, why they’re important and the different kinds you can use to protect your product.

Module 6 – Design & Branding

You’ve got to be able to visually differentiate your product and your business from the others on Amazon. In this module we walk you through how to do exactly that.

We also get into the nitty gritty of things like bardcodes and how to register your trademark.

Module 7 – Shipping

25 lessons on how to get your newly made product from a manufacturer onto the shelves at Amazon’s warehouses. 

We bring in the experts to talk on how to choose the right manufacturer and how to perform quality control.

Module 8 – Selling

This is where it gets real. You’ve got to be able to sell your product. So in this module we have a massive 42 lessons on how to set up your listing in Amazon and promote your product so it sells like crazy.

It doesn’t just end at the sale though. We’ll also go into how to create great customer service that gets people coming back for more.

Bonus – Smash Hit Webinars

Over the years we’ve put on some truly amazing webinars, with insights and training that is valuable whatever stage of the building your business you’re at. Unlock the full course and we’ll give you access to 6 of our best webinars ever! 

Bonus – Student Interviews

Our students have now made over $1.2 Billion in combined sales on Amazon. We interview 6 of our students to take you through their journeys
and give them the opportunity to share their insights.

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Our live events for students are the thing of legend. They hold a special place in our students hearts and they’re always packed with value and amazing speakers.

Step By Step Walkthrough

Over 9 years of selling on Amazon, launching multiple products and brands, I’ve developed a step by step process for what’s need to star a new Amazon business. And you get access to this process in the form of my mindmaps.

Master Mind Search

One of the most important steps in starting your Amazon business is joining a Mastermind. Something which we teach in the course.

When you join our community, you are able to join a mastermind by posting an introduction in our Facebook group.

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The power of perseverance & how UGG became a Billion dollar brand

Host: Brian Smith

Brian Smith is an Australian success story. From Perth, Western Australia, Brian took on the US market from day 1, ultimately selling his products worldwide to everyone including Oprah Winfrey, Sting, Pamela Anderson, Tom Petty and many more. In this incredible session he will share his amazing story.

The current world climate

Host: Former Australian Prime Minister John Howard

Adam talks to John Howard to get his unique perspective on the climate we currently find ourselves in. John shares his insights on what he would be doing in the world today, and his best advice to Australians all over the country. 

Choosing winning products & how Corona Virus is affecting Amazon sellers

Host: Expert Panel

We get together an expert panel of successful Amazon Sellers to reveal how they are choosing products right now to take advantage of current buying trends. And how the Corona Virus is affecting their sales.

No bullshit: Which software is the best and why?

Hosts: Adam Hudson & Jon Tilley

Jon and I will give you some inside information that actually matters when choosing Amazon product software. Some things have changed in recent times and they’re important.

How to breakthrough product paralysis and launch something

Adam Hudson & Wayne Butcher

The world has changed and you are in the box seat to do amazingly well, *if* you know what to do. Even if you have limited funds, the real secret to major success remains untouched, even at this time.

How I found my Rhino product.

Hosts: Brendon Geyer

Brendon Geyer is a super-chilled, Sydney-sider, who after nearly two years of chipping away quietly, finally went live and proceeded to immediately smash it on Amazon. In this session, he will unpack exactly how he found his winning products and how you can do the same

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