5 Huge Bonuses For All Software School Students

Watch The Video For All The Details

  •  Bonus 1 = Group coaching call with me that will help you come up with an idea for your software business, and also vet that idea.
  • Bonus 2 = Group coaching call with me to help you find good developers and how to know that they’re quality.
  • Bonus 3 = Group coaching call with me teaching you how to organise your ideas to create a pitch for investors.
  • Bonus 4 = A video interview with with a close friend of mine that recently raised $35 million investment for his software company.
  • BONUS 5 (THIS IS THE BIG ONE) = I will give you access to my private coaching students. 3 Software School students will be chosen to pitch to for investment. Recently we raised $2.5 million in investment from this group for another software idea.
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