Timing, Education And Activity Could Make 2021 A Red Letter Year In Your Entrepreneurial Life.

Sometimes in life, you just have to be in the right place at the right time.

Some call it luck, but we call it the combination of a lot of small smart decisions that culminate into opportunity. When these moments of opportunity arise in our lives, the only thing to do is to take massive action. 

Given that you have already invested in yourself and your network via Platinum Partners, we believe that you are in the box-seat to benefit from the extraordinary opportunities now available to Amazon sellers. It’s on us to seize them.

With that in mind, we have created a truly extraordinary opportunity this year for all Platinum Partners, past and present, to join our Unify Program. Think of it as a reunion but bundled in with a whole bunch of awesome training, awesome people, 1:1 coaching, and a cracking LIVE (not virtual) party for good measure!

In truth, it is the entire Platinum Program, including unlimited 1:1 coaching calls, for a fraction of the initial fee. It’s also bigger and better than ever before, and at a time with massive new opportunities that simply weren’t there before now.

We know that this message may reach you at a time where you’ve been away from the community for while and you’re feeling a bit flat or directionless. If that’s you, come back!

Perhaps you’ve finished your Platinum year and you didn’t maximise it as well as you’d hoped. If that’s you, think of this as a second chance. You are free to reinvent yourself at any time as a human being!

Maybe you’re on fire and just finishing your Platinum year. If that’s you, this should be an easy decision. You guys have set the bar in terms of how close a group can get despite only having Zoom to make the magic happen.

No matter where this invitation finds you, we’d love you to come back and hang with us in 2021. You’re invited. Your tribe is waiting. Your timing is great. The only thing to do is to lean in and come back for an amazing year!

A Platinum Year Like No Other – Seriously – It’s A Crazy-Good Deal!

2021 marks the beginning of our 6th year at Reliable Education.

With 5 years of experience running an Amazon seller community behind us, we’ve learned a lot about what makes people tick and what people need to be successful.

We’ve also learned what’s really valuable.

Top of that list is community and at top of that community list is Platinum.

You guys, collectively, from P1 to P8, are an AWESOME group of people and we want to get as many of you back in the room this year because letting this many legends fly in the wind when we all know each other, is truly tragic!

To do it, we put our heads together and asked ourselves one simple question…

“What would we have to do in order to get almost everyone to rejoin in 2021?”

Inclusion #1 – UNLIMITED 1:1 Coaching Calls!

This year we’ve decided to offer all Platinum Graduates UNLIMITED 1:1 coaching calls.

We have never done this before but like we said, we want as many of you guys back in the program, especially now that we have these enormous new Amazon opportunities in front of us.

Watch this video to meet the coaches!

Your Awesome Platinum Coaching Team


The Full List Of Inclusions:

Live Weekly Campfire Q&A

Each week we host a Q&A session that is specifically related to where your business is at. We rotate the sessions around the 4 main stages of business development. Each session is hosted by a member of the Platinum Coaching Team. You are invited to join all sessions or just the ones that relate most to your business.

Special 2-Day Event

Access to a very special 2-day event later this year on the Gold Coast. This event will be half-party and half hardcore training/networking. It is optional and it is ticketed but will be offered at close to cost.


6 live “MasterClass” business sessions. For those who haven’t been around Platinum for a while, these are non-Amazon-focused but hard-core entrepreneurial training sessions. They were one of the most popular inclusions in the last Platinum intake, shifting people in all areas of basic business competency and mindset.

GO LIVE! – Rapid-Launch Program

Join dozens of others in a friendly competition to get a product live and selling on Amazon. If you’re the first to Go Live you share in a pool of thousands of dollars in cash! Not the mention the invaluable lessons along the way.

The Ignite Program

The ability to go through our “Platinum Ignite” database where we have interviewed Platinum Partners from around the world, on video, who have done legit things in life and business AND who are open to partnering with other Platinums for Amazon products or businesses outside of Amazon. 

MasterMind Introduction ‘Speed Dating’

This is your opportunity to form a top-level mastermind with other Platinums if you don’t have one already or if the one you’re in at the moment sucks.

Platinum Fast Track Facebook Group

Insights, revelations, photos, comments and conversations among the Platinum crew. Dedicated, committed and just for you.

One Coaching Call With Rick Cowley

Rick from “VysionQuest” was my reason for starting Reliable Education, he is not an Amazon coach but he is the coach that you will be able to go to If you’re feeling lost, you’re feeling disconnected, or you’re feeling like you’re not on track.

And There’s More…

More MasterClass

The recordings of the last 12-months of MasterClass sessions from 2020

Elevate Recordings

5.5 hours of business and entrepreneurial training from serial entrepreneurs Adam and Joe.

Platinum Group Networking

Don’t miss out on the wealth of talent and opportunity that are your fellow Platinum Fast Track members.

Platinum Resources

All our resources, links and docs available in our password-protected Platinum area.

Broadcast Group For Live Updates

Get news and updates about the program and community delivered to your mobile.

VIP / Early-Bird Access Offers

In the last 12 months we have released Shopify, Commercial Property, and Saas courses. As part of the Platinum Fast Track program, you get early access to any new courses and VIP offers.

As I said, this is a crazy-good deal!

About That Party… I Mean “Business Event” 🙂

We’ve all heard the term “pent-up” right?

Well, now imagine a pent-up Rhino?

Now imagine a pent-up field of Rhinos along with an entourage of Monkeys, Tigers, Gazelles, a few Galahs thrown in for good measure, none of whom have been let out of the pen for over a year!

Get the picture?

Well, this get-together is going to be our first live event since the lock-downs and it’s going to be Platinum Partners from wall to wall.

We’ve booked Mark Bouris to keynote and we’ve booked an EPIC boat to party on the following day.

You know Mark…

Mark Bouris

As host of The Mentor podcast on Southern Cross Austereo’s Podcast One, which has more than two million downloads, he’s in a unique position to share his financial expertise with the Platinums.

His sharp financial analysis has been followed, and in many cases adopted, in recent years through his previous forays on national television as host of The Apprentice and The Celebrity Apprentice on the Nine Network and The Mentor on the Seven Network.

What I like most is that he has established a successful career from building disruptive businesses to challenge the market and provide smarter solutions for consumers.

He thinks big, and solves huge problems.


Oh, and we have ear-marked Friday (the day before the official kick-off) as “Deal Day” which is your chance to make meetings with other Platinum Partners before things kick off officially on Saturday.

In short, this is going to be two or three days of getting back in the room with your tribe and having an amazing time as we learn and get inspired together…and you KNOW how we do these things.

No cheap shitty events here!

Great people. Great venues. Great food. Great times.

Some Of Our Member’s Achievements

Nicholas Steiner

Platinum 5 - Triple Rhino

Gary Clements


Brendan Geyer

Platinum 1 - White Rhino

Mike Cottam & Mary Leong

Double Rhino's

Vince Betham

White Rhino

Tammy Rice


Karen Mellington


Mark Di Paola & Dominique Wilson


Bec Fischer


Mark Northover


Stay Or Come Back!

Your Tribe Of Rhinos (current and future) Are Waiting!

Although we’ve taken a fun tone with this page, make no mistake…

We are deadly serious about delivering the most insanely valuable Amazon and entrepreneurial coaching program in the world in 2021.

This opportunity is primarily available because we want to put our tribe back together after what has been a crazy freak’n ride over the last 18 months.

It’s messed with a lot of good people and we need each other to support, to encourage, to inspire and to grow.

That’s what we’re here for!

I look forward to seeing you inside of Platinum Unify – a special Platinum graduates program to mark the end of the craziness and the beginning of something new and bright for all involved.

See you there.

Adam & Joe

What Others Have Said About Our Coaching Programs…


“I couldn’t be more grateful for the program. It really gave me the boost I needed to achieve my Amazon goals.

The friends I’ve made from the group are unbelievable. Without them, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

J Hetherington

“It’s a big investment in time and money but I’d make the same decision again any day”
P & S Lanham

“There’s huge value in this program.”
R Bain

“The people in this program are just a bit more serious about fast tracking their business.”
F Souter

“If hadn’t have done this program, I would have taken more time and made more
mistakes. I’m extremely happy with my decision to join.”
S Saywell

“It has pushed us so much further.”
A Sidhu

“Today I went double Rhino so I’m really really excited.

I’m super pumped about what’s happened this year since I launched in January and I just wanted to say thank you to you and again because being part of the program obviously was a really really important step for me.”

V & P Shah

“We have reached 50k in 30 days yesterday and wanted to thank you for all the help and support you have given both of us.

It has been a crazy year but Amazon has been good for us and given us steady sales throughout. We are grateful to be part of RE and having a team like you being part of our lives.”

A Kumar

“I love the support guys you provide especially the group coaching and 1:1 support calls. The level of learning and growth I have received would not have been possible otherwise.”
B Stockwell

“I just wanted to say thank you to you and all the team. The coaching call I just had was fantastic. The clarity that the coach gave us was fantastic and so I’m really looking forward to the next step.

So just want to give you encouragement to keep doing what you guys do and thanks so much for the offering the service that you guys deliver through the coaches and yourselves.”