Tue, April 20 @ 7PM QLD Time

Platinums Assemble

What Would I Do If I Was Planning On Starting Again?

Something For Everyone

Wherever Your Focus Is Right Now


This is where it began for most of you, and we’ll be talking about Amazon in relation to the new world that we find oursleves in right now.


Has your attention switched from Amazon to eCommerce, or maybe a hybrid of the two? If so, we’ve got you covered.


Are you a fire starter? We’ll talk on tactics and ways of thinking that you can apply to any business, whatever it is that you’re starting next.


You are cash rich. Which is great, but that cash shouldn’t be sitting in the bank, if it’s not working for you then it’s losing value. We’ll reveal investment opportunities that are taking off right now.

Life Coaching

There’s never a wrong time to work on yourself. There can be no better investment, and it’s THE factor in both personal and professional life. 

It’s Time To Reconnect With Your Platinum Tribe

We’re bringing all the Platinums together, in one place, at one time. To talk about.

  • What I would do if I had to start over, I will be thinking about this in terms of Amazon, eCommerce, Entrepreneurship, Investment and Personal Developement.
  • What opportunities have opened up over the last few years because of changes to the world we live in.
  • A new strategy that allows you to be highly differentiated without the long development time usually associated with that process.
  • The rapidly growing Australian Amazon marketplace and how to take advantage of this growth.

Platinum Is A Different Beast Now

The Program Has Changed Since You Were A Member. It’s Not Just Amazon.
Let’s Get You Up To Speed So You’re In The Right Mindset For Monday Night.

The Platinum Resource Area

A central repository of everything Platinum. From information about the program and where to go for support to an archive of previous campfires. This is years and years of Platinum experience and learnings distilled, refined and all in one place.


Present Platinums are mentored by Adam and Joe – who reveal their hardest earned lessons. This program has an entrepreneurial focus. 

Ignite Program

We realised early on that one of the biggest parts of Platinum, was the community. It was and is pure gold. But it’s only recently that we’ve fully weaponised that community, with Ignite. Where we bring the community together, uncover their super powers and ignite partnerships.

Unlimited Coaching

When our current Platinums hit a roadblock in their Amazon business, all they need to do is log on to the Platinum Resource area and book a support call with one of our Platinum Support Team, all experts in selling on Amazon.

That’s Where Platinum Is At Now, And You’re An Important Part Of That.
Do You Want To See Where We Go Next? Then….