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Why eCommerce Is Booming Right Now And How You Can Get a Piece Of It Selling On Amazon

75 Page Hot Product List

Full of the latest hot products on Amazon, inspiration for your first product. Only 200 of these are up for grabs, and they will all go.


Our online course

Lifetime access to our course, as well as any updates that we make.


Private Facebook Group

The largest community of successful Amazon sellers online. For ongoing support, inspiration and networking.


6 x Mind Maps

9 years of learning and contacts distilled for you into step by step instructions for how to start your own Amazon business.


KickStart Call

A call with one of the Reliable Education team, to make sure that you get started on the right path.


Reliable Education Swag Pack

A signed copy of Adam’s best selling book Primed, as well as other Reliable Education goodies delivered to your door..


Total = $9,336 $2,497


Webinar Offer

Only 200 Copies Available

Have you been wondering to yourself, ‘What product should I sell on Amazon?’ If so we’re giving access, to the first 200 people that sign up, to our very special “Finding The Perfect Product” PDF guide – 75 pages of product-hunting gold, including 20 of the hottest products that are being sold on (by people just like you).

Here’s what you’ll learn in this incredible guide…

  • Where to begin in your search for great product ideas to tell on Amazon.
  • 20 amazing examples of super-successful products that are being sold on Amazon.
  • Why each product example is selling so successfully on Amazon.
  • Easy-to-understand sales metrics for each product example.
  • Why product differentiation is THE killer strategy when it comes to choosing successful product opportunities.
  • How to identify exactly what a great product opportunity looks like?
  • How to spot “Private Label Potential” all around you.
  • How to use specialist software to hunt down the best product opportunities.
  • How to conduct effective product research.
  • Learn to spot the difference between “Hot” vs “Not” product opportunities.
There Are Only 200 Copies Of The Hot Product List Available

Here’s What You’ll Get
With Reliable Education:

Get the knowledge and support to start a valuable business selling on Amazon. Learn how to start selling on Amazon with our full Amazon Academy course.

Access the training, guidance and support to not only launch your idea, but actually grow a sellable ecommerce business.

There Are Only 200 Copies Of The Hot Product List Available


Over 100 videos teaching you everything you need to know about starting a business on Amazon.


Access priceless advice and support through our online group discussions and in person meet ups.


Get further coaching through student-only webinars, mastermind events, and other unique opportunities.


Tap into a bigger purpose than just money and gain the motivation you need to truly succeed.

Here’s What You Get

With Reliable Education

How to choose, launch and market the right products. Easy-to-follow videos. Comprehensive mind-maps. Student-only webinars.
Stand on the shoulders of giants. Get insight and guidance from our expert team of Amazon veterans.
You’ll never feel alone. Join a community of like minded people on the same journey. Share advice, tips, support and encouragement.

For The First Time Ever

Get Your Reliable Education Swag Pack

A signed copy of Adam’s best selling Amazon book Primed.
A copy of the webinar workbook, for you to write notes in so that the beginning of your journey is documented.
Reliable Education merchandise, including baseball cap, gym bag, pen and badges.
A special message from Adam will be included in the swag pack, just for those students that join up before midnight sunday.

What Our Students Say

Got Questions?

Check Out Our FAQS Below

Are the costs of the course renewable every year?
No the Academy fee is not renewed every year. Once you join you enjoy lifetime access.
Is it possible to do the course with a partner?
You can join with your partner provided that you will be working on one Amazon business. You will only need to purchase 1 membership.
If I have questions tomorrow, who can I contact and how?
We have a worldwide support team who are always happy to help. You can send your question/s to [email protected]
How much capital do you need to start with?
The amount you need to start-up depends on how big or how small you would like to start. One journey can be totally different to another.

What we do recommend that you implement what we teach at the pace that is comfortable to you and your circumstances. Make sure you are budgeting and setting aside the funds you think you will need for your first product.

Set aside money for things like product research, photos, inventory etc. Most students do not go live for 9-12 months, you can start small and costs for inventory itself is elastic as there are so many different types of products out there!

If so much is being sold on Amazon, have I 'missed the boat'?
It is true that there are lots of sellers on Amazon however, it is a huge marketplace with a customer traffic flow of over 200 million per day! . As we’ve seen time and time again with our students there is still plenty of opportunities to be successful in this phenomenal marketplace.
Can I do this business from anywhere?
Yes, this business is not restricted by location.
Do I have to source from China?
Although we use China as an example of where to source products, it is only that; an example and we use it because it is by far the largest and most accessible manufacturing hub from an online perspective.

That said, we do encourage all our students to explore all possible options for sourcing before deciding on a supplier, our students use manufacturers from all over the world including South America, North America, India, Pakisatan, Bangladesh, South East Asia, Australia, Africa and more.

Are there hidden costs?
There are no hidden costs when you join the Reliable Education Amazon Academy.

However when you join it’s important to know that you are paying for your education which will lead to you having your own Amazon business.

Like all businesses, an Amazon business has all kinds of other costs – Inventory, photography, logo development etc.

As much as it would be nice to have a business where you could pay for educating yourself, never spend another cent and then become fabulously successful…but from experience these simply don’t exist!

There Are Only 200 Copies Of The Hot Product List Available

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