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Would you invest 30-hours of your life to learn a
brand new “skills-stack” that could dramatically increase your income, give you a sense of certainty about your future, all without having to work more than
30 minutes a day to get there?

Earlier this year I conducted two live webinars that were attended by more than 1,500 people.

Before these people attended, I asked them to complete a simple survey that asked them:

  • What is your #1 fear about starting a new business?
  • How much money would you like to make from a new part-time business?
  • What is holding you back from starting?

As it turns out, the #1 fear that people have of starting a new business is lack of experience.

Put simply, that’s a skills problem.

Here’s the thing about skills…

Most adults stop acquiring them as soon as they finish
high-school or University.

That’s such a shame and it’s why so many adults struggle financially in life and end up constantly stressed, time-poor, unable to take the holidays they want (and need), and remain buried under a mountain of never-ending bills!

The fact is, a vast majority of people have never been formally trained on how to make and grow money, much less build businesses that they love and that make money while they sleep.

So how would you like help in changing that?

Join our Amazon mentorship program and learn how to establish your first $500/week profit Amazon product that requires less than 30 minutes a week to run…

When it comes to mastering any new endeavour, there is usually a “skills-stack” that makes up most of what’s required to become reasonably good at that thing.

Take basketball for example…

If you can dribble, pass, block and shoot, you know the basics and that will get you most of the way to being a reasonable player.

With Amazon, there’s just 8 things that make up the basic “skills-stack” and 10 that can make you a master.

Via our full Amazon training program, in just 30-hours, you can acquire the entire “skills-stack” you need to do very well on the platform, and be empowered for the rest of your life to:

• Dramatically increase your income
• Give you the super-power of being able to establish new income streams in almost any country around the world (Australia is actually the fastest growing Amazon market in the world right now) all without having to leave home do it 
• Give you a new-found sense of confidence and certainty about your future
Set you and your family up so that money is not the overriding driver of almost every decision you make in life

In addition to the 30-hours of basic training, you will also have the opportunity to come to a full day of intensive Product Mastery training. Spaces are strictly limited at these events, so you will have the opportunity to work directly with myself and our team of amazing coaches – and leave the day with a clear roadmap for launching best-selling products on Amazon.

If you’re serious about learning the skills, we’re serious about teaching you and supporting you on that journey!

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Here’s people just like you that have learned
this “skills stack”…

This is Georgia from Brisbane.

These are her sales JUST from Amazon Australia in the last 12-months. These are only a fraction of her overall sales which mostly come from the US.

This is Annika from Melbourne

This is Annika from Melbourne. These are her sales from her very first week selling on Amazon selling beautiful homewares. Imagine if you learned the same “skills-stack” as her?

Carmen & Peter

Meet Carmen & Peter from Noosa Heads who sell beautiful products around health & spirituality…

Our Students

And look at all these students selling everything from homewares to fitness products to pet accessories.
These everyday people from all walks of life using this system to create meaningful change in their lives.

Over $1.3B In Sales And Counting!

No other Amazon education company in the world can claim the student results that we can!

We know these numbers (up-to-the-minute) because most of our students use a piece of software to run their Amazon businesses that was originally developed by me. That software gives us realtime data on almost every aspect of their business including; revenue, sales volumes and so much more!

Our students have done the work to learn the “skills-stack” and the proof of its effectiveness is now plain to see.

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