“A Master Mind is a friendly alliance of two or more people who will encourage one another to follow through with both plan and purpose.”

Napolean Hill (1937)

“eComm Inner Circle” Is A
12-Month Experience That Could
Change The Course Of The Rest
Of Your Life…

A message from program Director, Haley Hughes…

Astonishing data reveals the unquestionable power of ongoing
support and community…

At the time of designing “eComm Inner Circle”, Reliable Education had already sold over 11,000 Amazon courses and taken more than 800 clients through its high-end Platinum Partners coaching program.

The later consisted of:

    • Fully managed fast-start launch programs
    • Weekly live Zoom calls
    • Access to one-on-one coaching sessions with seasoned Amazon sellers
    • Group Zoom calls with industry experts and suppliers
    • Access to various live events where students networked and shared their learnings
    • Formal networking initiatives that connected participants for the purposes of business partnerships and even investing into each other’s businesses

The results of that coaching program were astonishing.

Of all the Amazon sales awards given out to our global network of students, Platinum Coaching clients are 14.2X more likely to receive an award than those who chose not to join that program.

Further, 74% of those who win our highest award (the Rhino Award which is attained when a student breaks USD $100,000 in a single month), are from that coaching program. In other words, 74% of the highest performers come from the 7% who joined the 12-month coaching program.

The numbers don’t lie. People thrive when they are supported over time when learning complex new skills.

Refining What We Know Works…

Selling on Shopify or Amazon does require many of the same skill sets prior to getting your products onto either platform, but once you are live, your day to day activities are quite different.

For example:

  • There’s no traffic coming to your website on Shopify so you have to learn that. Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Google Ads. What works? How much should I be spending? What are the key metrics that I need to know about?
  • The software and plugins that you use to optimise your performance as a Shopify seller are entirely different than those you use for Amazon
  • You don’t build an email list on Amazon, but on Shopify, it’s one of the essentials to building a profitable and valuable business. How do yo do that? How often should I email my list? What software should I use?
  • You don’t market to your customers on Amazon, because you don’t in fact have any. They are all owned by Amazon and you can’t get their details anyway. So marketing to people you’ve already sold to is a whole area of expertise that is irrelevant to Amazon sellers.
  • On Amazon, you don’t process money yourself. So how do you process payments on Shopify? Which payment processors are best? Should I offer “Buy Now Pay Later” options? If yes, which one is best and why?
  • On Amazon, you don’t have to fulfil orders yourself. Amazon handles all that. So how do I warehouse and ship orders for my Shopify store? Who pays for the shipping? When does it makes sense to outsource it? Should I sell in my own country only or should I sell globally?
  • The list goes on and on!

    For this reason, we have created an entirely new education program for serious Shopify sellers that consists of both an online course (like our famous Amazon course that has now produced more $1.2B in sales for its students) and our highly effective Platinum Partners coaching program.

First, there is our brand new Shopify Academy…

To get you up-to-speed quickly with all of the areas you need focus on in order to build a thriving eCommerce business OUTSIDE of marketplaces like Amazon or eBay, you will be able to dive in to our brand new Shopify Academy at your own pace.

This online course component will quickly sweep away the noise and confusion of what’s not important, and teach you the 5 key pillars that drive profit, scale and enterprise value in all Shopify stores.

This might sound simple, but it took us months to work these key variables out and not knowing them will lead to massive time loss and most likely financial pain as well. In short, there are some products that you shouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole if you’re going to build your own eCommerce website, and there are others that will give you a ridiculous advantage over others that are less informed.

There is no room for emotion at this early stage. It’s just plain hard math and logic. But it’s not obvious until it’s shown to you.

These are not just long form, highly produced, in-studio videos…

What’s unique about this online program is that it’s a mix of in-studio educational videos, step-bystep instruction videos (recordings of me doing the exact steps that you’ll need to do online so you can do it right along with me), and real life clips of me building my own Shopify store from day 1. Trust me, in many of the videos I look nothing like I do above.

For most of the time I was working in the wee-hours of the morning in my PJs when my two ratbags kids loves of my life, were sound asleep. You’ll see me tired, frustrated and even tearful when finally, after months of work, my Shopify store went live and I made my first sale.

In fact, if you’ve got a moment, watch this. This moment was very real and it changed my life:

(The headline was too funny not to put in here in the draft 🙂

This is one of dozens of “reality videos” that I captured during my first year and some them are absolute crackers.

Others include:

    • Me unpacking the many stupid mistakes that I made right after I learned the I’d made them
    • Me sharing my wins, large and small, as they happened
    • Me with some of my mentors and paid advisors that helped me get to where I am now
    • Me building out my social media campaigns, live on camera, that generated me many of my early sales
    • Behind the scenes footage of me at photo shoots with the influencers and photographers who brought my brand to life

In all, there are currently more than 100 lessons and videos in the Shopify Academy and it’s growing every month.


As en eComm Inner Circle Member, you’ll have access to them all, for as long as you remain in the group.

Three live Zoom calls per month with some of the sharpest minds in business and eCommerce…

Three times a month, you will join me or a special guest for a 60-90 minute live Zoom call. Over the course of a year, these calls will transform you into a super-well-informed eCommerce professional.

Of the three calls, one will almost always be with a high-profile special guest who has either achieved something remarkable in online business, or who has worked closely in shaping or supporting the success of well known eCommerce brand.

Here are just some of the people we already have committed to coming in to speak to our eComm Inner Circle members in the coming 12 months.

Imagine how much your experience will grow having small-group access to people like this? Like we said at the start, this program is for serious Shopify sellers only.

Monthly deep-dives into key eCommerce/Shopify disciplines…


Aside from these inspirational and deeply credentialed experts, each month we will focus on one essential area of successful Shopify selling and go deep.

Here is the schedule for that:

  • Month 1 – Product selection. What types of products are perfect for Shopify stores and which
    ones are not and why.
  • Month 2 – Brand building. While branding is important on Amazon, it’s absolutely critical when
    selling on Shopify. This is what binds customers to your store and it’s what gets them to buy
    from you again, which is (spoiler alert), *the* most important piece of selling outside of
    marketplaces. So what does great brand building look like and how do you do it?
  • Month 3 – Site Essentials.

Professionally moderated private Facebook Group for eComm Inner Circle members only…

Undoubtedly one of the most helpful parts of all online learning is the ongoing support provided through a properly moderated, well funded, private Facebook group for active members of the group.

This is hard for us to admit, but this is one area that we at Reliable Education had some big learnings in.

At the outset, we offered access to the private Facebook group for free, for life, to all Amazon course members. The problem is that because we don’t charge anything on an ongoing basis for anything, as the group grows it becomes more and more demanding and there is no funding available to support it at the level that we’d like.

We are working on solving that challenge now but we will not be making that mistake again with this program. Membership to eComm Inner Circle is an annual commitment for the first year, and then you can stay on longer on a month-to-month basis for a fee thereafter if you want to.

This gives us the budget to keep securing top tier special guests and to pay the right people to make this program an incredible experience for all.

So what is the investment?

eComm Inner Circle is sold globally and charge in USD, just like all Reliable Education courses. The fee is just $397/month with a minimum 12 month commitment, or you can pay upfront and receive a $765 discount making it a one-time payment of only $3,997.

If you want to stay after your first year is over, you can go month-to-month at $397/month (with no 12-month commitment) or you can pay for the year in advance and make the same saving again.