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The Amazon Legends Course

“The ONE THING That You Could Do To Kick Start Your Amazon Business!!”

Meet some of the most successful people from our community and learn from people just like you, who became my students and created super-successful Amazon businesses.

Over 6 Hours Of Lessons From Successful Amazon Entrepreneurs

Real Students, Real Results

Inspiration and implementation…

Stories of battles fought and won will feed your entrepreneurial soul, as coal-face insights arm you with all the tools needed to carve your own victories.

Inspiration must begin the journey, but actionable, implementable strategies & tactics will keep you on the path to success.

With exquisitely crafted content balanced between inspiration and implementation, The Amazon Legends Course will leave you with fire in your belly, and a head full of killer strategies.

Over 6 Hours Of Talks 


Tiger Training

Host: Adam Hudson

Serial seven figure entrepreneur Adam Hudson talks through the different kinds of people that start this Amazon Journey, and what you need in terms of mindset and skill set to succeed.

How To Leave Your Day Job

Hosts: Andrew & Mandy

This couple started as Reliable Education Students a few years ago, and they just had a month where they made over $1 million. In this lesson they unpack how they started their journey, and achieved their first goal, which was leaving their jobs.

Build To Sell

Host: Adam Hudson

Adam unpacks how he builds an Amazon business with the view of selling it. It’s something that you need to think about right from the start, and gives you that clear goal that all high achievers have.

The current world climate

Host: Former Australian Prime Minister John Howard

Adam talks to John Howard to get his unique perspective on the climate we currently find ourselves in. John shares his insights on what he would be doing in the world today, and his best advice to Australians all over the country. 

Story Of A Seven Figure Exit

Hosts: Pete & Rox

Another couple that started their Amazon journey with a lifestyle in mind. There were some twists and turns in their journey, but they ended up with a 7 figure exit from their first Amazon business.

Over 6 Hours Of Lessons From Successful Amazon Entrepreneurs

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