Weds, Sep 22 @ 7pm (AEST)



“Aggregators – What are they and how to position your business to sell to them”

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TWO PART SERIES! In Part One we talk to an aggregator… Then in Part Two (next week) we talk to a Reliable student who has come gone circle and SOLD to an aggregator!

Part One – It seems that all anyone can talk about at the moment is selling their business to an FBA aggregator! For those unfamiliar with the space, an FBA aggregator is a company that buys small FBA private label brands, merges them together, and then invests to grow the brand. So let’s talk to one of these aggregators – Adrian Johnson the co-founder of UNA Brands, Australia’s first Australian-based aggregator joins us to explain how they work, how they value businesses for acquisition and how you can prepare your business to be ready for an exit to an aggregator.

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Adrian Johnson – Una Brands
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