Weds, Oct 21 @ 7pm (AEDT)



“Improving Your General Knowledge Around Importing Compliance”

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Join John Burhans, a licensed customs broker with over 12 years of industry experience, as Annika quizzes him on all areas of importing compliance. Do not miss this opportunity to improve your knowledge on this diverse topic.

John P. Burhans - Customs Agent

John P. Burhans is a licensed customs broker with over 12 years of industry experience.  Through
his career he has managed the logistics and trade compliance for companies ranging from Bio-
medical, fine art and a range of household commodities from textiles to toys.   The vast exposure to
multiple goods has taught John how to navigate the complexities of international trade law for
successful importation and export of goods into the US and North American Market.  As a licensed
customs broker John can transact all customs business with U.S. Customs Border and Protection on
behalf of importers/exporters.  John believes in bringing his expertise to all small to medium
businesses to help them grow and succeed in the competitive market place.

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