Award FAQ

What is the nomination period for the 2021 Awards?

For your top selling 30 day period between April 2020 and February 2021.

When are the nominations open?

The nominations are open from 18 January to 5 February 2021. Please ensure you
get your nominations in during this period to be eligible for an Award during the
nomination period. If you’re late, your nomination will be pushed to 2022.

When will the Awards be announced?

During the Virtual Summit – Rhino School 19-21 February 2021. The Awards
announcement and celebration will be held in the first session of the virtual event.

When will I be notified if I’ve won an Award?

We’ll notify all winners on 8 February 2021.

How do I demonstrate that I achieved the sales in the nomination period?

We will ask you to provide a screenshot from inside of your Amazon Seller
account, or if you’re nominating for Shopify, a screenshot from inside your
Shopify dashboard.

What currency is eligible for the nominations?

USD please. All categories are assessed on your top selling 30 day period in USD.

Will I be required to attend an Awards presentation?

The Summit is a virtual event, so there will be no physical awards presentation.
However, we are considering a virtual gathering of award winners either just prior
or during the Virtual Summit – Rhino School. This concept is pending logistical
aspects. In any event, we’ll be celebrating your achievements at the Virtual Summit
– Rhino School in the form of announcing your name and showing your photo that
you will provide during the nomination process.

How will I receive my trophy?

The trophies will be sent to you after the Virtual Summit – Rhino School.
We anticipate that it will take 6 weeks for the trophies to arrive.

I won an award in 2020, can I nominate myself again in the same category?

Unfortunately no, however you can nominate yourself if you have achieved sales in the next category rank – in fact we encourage you to!

What is the age range for Young Entrepreneurs?

18 and under!